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Prague sightseeing

Enjoy Prague like none of your friends. "Jump through" Prague on Powerisers or Kangoo Jumps. Our instructors will learn you how to jump and run od jumping stilts. Subsequently, you will go to discover the nicest and historically most significant Prague's monuments.

If you're more intersted in jumping than sightseeing, you can spend whole time in park, where you will learn not only run, but also basic tricks.

Adrenaline / bouncy

You can chose among 2 types of jumping shoes:
With Powerisers, you can jump over 2 meters high and peform tricks as on trampoline. Contrast to the Kangoo Jumps are safer, faster to learn, but not so adrenaline :-)

Poweriser jumping stilts  Kangoo Jumps 
Powerisers  Kangoo Jumps 

Price of Prague sightseeing

  • 1 hour: 45 €
  • 2 hours: 65 €


If you are interested in "Kangoo" Prague sightseeing, feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to see you.

Poweriser Jumping stilts - Prague Sightseeing